Rainy Engagements

Last month I had the honor of photographing two of my close friends to commemorate their recent engagement. The session took place on Long Beach Island, NJ - a beach town on the Jersey shore that holds a special place in the all of the chapters of their love story. 

The forecast all week was up and down, with the chance of rain increasing as the days passed. The Saturday we arrived it was raining intermittently, but we decided to take a chance and go out and shoot. We stopped at two different pavilions; one bayside and one beachside. The full coverage of the pavilions offered varying qualities of light but ultimately would keep my friends dry, which was my priority.

The direction of the wind on the bayside was in our favor, creating many misty, windswept, and dreamy moments. Some of that said mist ended up on my lens and because I was shooting so quickly to capture the right windy moments, I didn’t notice it until after reviewing the images. 

After about 30 minutes, we drove over to the beach side. The beach side was much more overcast, but the dunes in the background provided lovely pops of complimentary colors to the bride-to-be’s yellow dress. 

The forecast for the next day was blue skies, so we woke up at sunrise to capture one more look for good measure. While the photos at sunrise were beautiful, the vibes captured through the rain were my favorite.

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