1. california dreaming

    2019-07-07 01:40:10 UTC
    Early last month, I traded the east coast for the west coast for five days.  This trip was the first time I’d spent any real time away this year and my only goal was to unwind and take photos.  First stop: Santa Cruz, California.   I spent two days with my…

  2. as the flashes blinded us in the photo booth

    2019-05-25 12:25:39 UTC
    If you’ve been to a wedding post-2009, then it is safe to say that you’ve been to a wedding with a photo booth. Not to say that this is something that had never been done before then, but I will say that the likelihood of there being a photo booth…

  3. Best of 2018

    2018-12-24 16:10:36 UTC
    I’ve never done this type of post before, but all I’ve been hearing lately is that “old ways won’t open new doors”, so here we go! Below are my photography highlights from this past year.  (More) Family Portraits & Engagements While some of these faces aren’t necessarily new, this…

  4. Color Blocking in Palm Springs

    2018-05-30 02:08:00 UTC
    Naturally, as a sea-side dweller, I’m most comfortable in mild temperatures. That said, I have spent a limited amount of time in the desert.  So when one of my best friends invited me to join her, 4 other fabulous women, and 2 wonderful men on a trip to Palm Springs…

  5. New Parisian Perspective

    2018-04-23 11:42:00 UTC
    This April, I spent 6 days in Paris. I hadn’t been back since June 2016 and this time it wasn’t for work, it was for vacation.  I made sure to sign up for a few Airbnb Experiences and because of my wonderful photowalk in Florence, I signed up for another…

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