HUJI Film and VSCO

First post of the new year, and despite being very close to the end of January, I am still sitting with and shifting through my resolutions, while also trying to reflect on the previous year. Last year was full of vivid memories spent with family and friends, but was a blur all the same. 2021 without a doubt went by faster than the year before and things really picked up once it started to get warmer outside. This somewhat explains why I haven’t posted anything since last April.

Partially because of how slowly time seemed to pass in 2020 (and partially because I was feeling sentimental), I started a new annual tradition. I organized all the photos I had taken with my iPhone that I felt highlighted the year before by month and I made a photo memory book via Artifact Uprising

The process of looking back made me curious enough to start looking through some of the older photos I had saved on my phone, especially the ones where I had used different apps and filters. These photos are automatically stored in separate folders, which made filtering less time consuming than going by year, month, and day in the Photo app. 

I am currently in the process of finishing off a black and white roll of film that I shot on my Pentax (hopefully successfully this time, after uncovering a pesky light leak), and waiting to ship another black and white roll of film that I shot on my Canon to Photodom, so I figured it would be a good practice to go through some of the folders from these apps and try to create some sort of cohesive series. Starting with HUJI.

HUJI Film - For those who aren’t familiar, it is an application that simulates a disposable camera, giving off that retro-quality. Every time you take a photo in the app, the image automatically loads the image in a random, “get what you get”, kind of way. Below are a couple of my favorite images that I have taken that while using this app. 

Next up, VSCO fka VSCO Cam.

VSCO - I started using this app back in 2013 and since then, it has grown to become so much more than an editing tool. The original application allowed users to edit their images, using preset filters and other editing tools (e.g exposure, contrast, sharpening, saturation, etc), but it is now a platform for the photography community. Many photographers use it as a living-breathing journal/portfolio, which makes it an awesome source of inspiration. It definitely has some lowkey Tumblr vibes, in a more streamline way. I initially started using the gallery function, but have fallen off and not posted 2016. You can view my mini-gallery here. Sharing a few of some of my more recent photos that were edited using the VSCO app below. 

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