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2020 had many plot twists, none of which I could have predicted. One I certainly didn’t predict was being reintroduced to my first analog camera and shooting film again. As you can probably tell from the photo below, I had forgotten how to load film into that camera. Thankfully, I’ve since recovered that skill. 

My first camera was a Canon EOS Rebel 2000; I bought it off Craiglist during my sophomore year of college. I had recently switched my major from Communications to Photography and was taking a black and while film class at Photographic Center Northwest. After lots of trial and error and hours logged in the dark room, the process became meditative, but as soon as I got my first DSLR my junior year, I left that practice behind.

Shortly after my previous post, I was gifted rolls of black and white and color film. I own a few film cameras, but the only one I could remember how to use was my old Canon EOS.  The shots from this post were developed at Panda Lab in Seattle while I was there in November.

More recently I had some color film developed at Photodom, which I highly recommend if you’re in Brooklyn. Not only is it black-owned business, but the space is totally a vibe. In my 8 years of living in New York, I am thankful that this was my “first” experience and am looking forward to shooting more and and developing with them. 

Here’s to more analog in 2021!

150 days of social distancing

Lots has changed since my last post (naturally) and thank goodness for that. I may have seemed calm before, but if I was still stuck inside my apartment, only able to walk the same loops without seeing any friends in person, I would surely have lost my mind by now. 

I know that I am not alone in feeling that May and June were ROUGH, but much to my surprise, the world erupted in protest and the Black Lives Matter movement is now possibly the largest movement in history. And the protests haven’t stopped. With the recent news of Senator Kamala Harris being selected as Joe Biden’s running mate, this country (while it is very clearly divided by how COVID is being managed/mismanaged state to state) has finally given me something to look forward to. 

This summer has been different, to say the least, but I remain grateful for where I am. With parks being our only safe place to gather, I’ve spent hours outside with friends in the hot sun and even in the pouring rain. In late June, I had the pleasure of collaborating with a friend of mine who is launching a wedding/elopement business. Below are some of my favorite shots from the session. 

Granted this city has historically bounced back from a lot,  but I doubt things will truly never be the same. 

And maybe I’m crazy to say this, but good riddance.

shelter in place: a day in the life

I’ve spent the past 42 days in complete solitude, only going outside to walk my dog or to get groceries. I live alone and I have for the past 2 years. More than ever, I am thankful that I am an introvert who is never lonely when I am alone. Since life got flipped-turned upside-down, I’ve been more connected to friends and family than ever before.

This new found connection comes at a cost, with technology now being the only conduit, so naturally, my disdain for phone and computer screens has grown. A few days ago, I was imagining my teenaged-self spending hours on end in the summer, online talking to friends and playing solitaire and minesweeper. I would stay up late and wake up early to do it all over again with unending excitement. Flash forward to present day in #coronatimes where work hours and happy hours are fully remote, I am online all the time, and surprisingly, it is completely exhausting.

Outside of work and catching up with friends, I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy. Working on home projects, while also trying to stay creative. Writing, taking photos, and painting even. I’ve gotten a few bursts of good ideas that I’ll share once they have “enough cohesion”. While productivity has previously been a useful measure of success and happiness for me, I’ve decided to give myself a break and take things day by day. So who knows, maybe I’ll come out of this with a few new pieces of work, but I won’t be disappointed in myself if I don’t. I’m just thankful that my friends and family are safe and healthy, and that I live in an apartment some with natural light.

That’s where I’m at. 

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